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Said Sharbini is running for Colorado's State House District 31. Said has lived in Colorado for a decade, and has seen the changes that have come to Colorado. With the political unrest, a global pandemic, and climate change affecting every aspect of our lives, Said has decided to represent his community to bring common sense changes to his community. Said is dedicated to help everyone move forward together.


Said was raised in a Military family and understands the call to public service. There is no cause more worthwhile than helping your community and leaving behind a better world than you received. Said started his career in Denver as an attorney protecting the interests of his clients. Said has been helping Coloradans with a wide range of legal situations. Said joined the Office of the State Public Defenders in Colorado. He protected many of Colorado's most vulnerable people from the criminal justice system, and helped people regain their freedom and dignity. He worked tirelessly to help Coloradans have the opportunity to move forward with their lives. Said has always strived to help those that need it and to make sure they maintain dignity through the whole process. Said has been willing to travel to the far corners of Colorado when people needed representation, and he will always go out of his way to ensure just results. Said will bring these skills and abilities to representing the people of House District 31. Said will work hard to ensure that the people of House District 31, and the State of Colorado, are well represented and their issues addressed.


Said believes in giving back to the community and has been very involved in local politics. Said has been on many different boards for the Democratic Party. Said has used his positions to further progressive ideas, and to help those that have been disenfranchised by the system become more involved. Said has taken on many volunteer roles in local politics and helped with countless campaigns. Said has worked to make more Coloradans become a part of the political process, and to help have the voices of the community be heard.

There is work to be done to improve this state and help Coloradans progress in a positive direction. For too long special interests have played too much of an influence in legislating, and Coloradans deserve representation that puts the best interest of the people first. Said is no stranger to hard work and tough negotiating. Said will work to ensure that he represents the people of Colorado, and strive to make Colorado a better place for everyone.

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