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Said understands the value of hard work and that it takes working with everyone to move forward. Said believes in working to make life better for everyone. We as a nation were built on the belief that we can have different ideas, but still recognize that we are on the same team.

Compromise has become a dirty word in the political world. People have a lot of the same goals in life. People want to feel safe, be secure in their livelihood, and be happy. However, we all have different ideas on how to reach these goals. In that spirit, Said wants to affect legislation that will help all people. This means to look for solutions that improve upon society, and to help those dealing with the actions of the government. Said will focus on legislation that helps all Coloradans, but also on removing restrictions and obstacles made by over legislation to ease the burden on individuals. Too often public officials look to create new rules without considering if the rules we have are worth keeping. Progress means finding solutions to problems, and removing obstacles when they cause a problem.

Said is particularly concerned about the Criminal Justice System's effect on every Coloradan. Colorado has made great strides in repairing the criminal justice system. In particular in its efforts against the war on drugs. Said knows there is more work to do, but he is so proud to live in a place that makes progress in undoing laws that hurt people, and destroy communities. Said has first hand experience at the plight of those facing the Criminal Justice System. The purpose of the Criminal Justice System is to keep people safe from those that would cause physical and financial harm to others. Prisons should be a place used only for those whose offenses are utterly egregious. People and Corporations should not benefit or profit from prison. Too often private interests seek to create legislation that would extort the most vulnerable in our community, instead of helping them. Too often Police intervention results in incarceration, or worse death. It's time to revamp the way policing affects our communities and how Courts enforce the laws.

Said knows first hand the plight of those who are struggling with the dramatic change in cost of living over the last several years. Home prices are skyrocketing and there has been little interest in creating affordable housing. The Pandemic has only exacerbated the issue. With record breaking inflation and continuing need to provide a living wage, there is so much the legislature can do to help those struggling with the current financial climate. Labor Unions need our support now more than ever. They are constantly under attack, and our front line workers deserve so much more. We need a bottom up approach that helps working families and those struggling to get by. When we help those less fortunate first, we enrich the economy and start working toward a positive recovery. Putting people first is the best way to improve an economy.

Said believes that Women's health decisions should be between them and their doctor. There is no place for Government to step in and determine what a woman can do with her own body. It is important to support the women we care about. The right to make medical and family decisions is left with the individual. If the Supreme Court works to overturn Roe v. Wade, then we here in Colorado must work even harder to ensure that Women's rights are protected.

Said is an advocate for combating climate change. Our world is changing and we are experiencing far more natural disasters than ever. It is imperative, now more than ever, that we do everything we can to stop climate change. Communities are being destroyed by wild fires, tornadoes, hurricanes and rising sea levels. We must come together and make common sense solutions that will help protect our environment and preserve our world for future generations.

Said understands the value of a good education. Education is the foundation to a strong society. The better educated the community is, the more likely they are to be successful in their endeavors. This starts with strong community schools. Ensuring that every child is given a chance to learn and is not cheated of the knowledge they deserve. Too often the focus has been on school administrations. The focus should be shifted to the teachers and students in the classrooms. The State Legislature can do better about ensuring funding for teachers and supporting them over political fighting. Every student deserves to have a chance to succeed and show their value. Said came from a Military family and experienced many different types of school districts. Both from the Department of Defense Schools to local districts in the different places he lived. There are countless ways to approach education, but when you focus on teachers and students everyone succeeds.

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